Virtual Private Clouds

Learn about the features of Nirvana Cloud's virtual private clouds.

A VPC is a digital network reminiscent of a conventional network managed in a physical data center. Once a VPC is established, it's equipped with a singular subnet, which will expand to accommodate multiple subnets by 2024.


A subnet denotes a spectrum of IP addresses in your VPC, designed to be user-friendly and region-centric. A single-subnet model per VPC simplifies VPC management and adoption. In the future, Nirvana Cloud plans to introduce multiple subnets within a VPC for further network configuration flexibility.

Public IP Addresses

Instances that need to connect to the internet or be accessed from the internet will need a public IP address. Within the cloud setup, users are offered the benefit of allocating a static public IP address to their instances. Unlike dynamic IP addresses, a static public IP address does not change due to stop/start instances. This constancy ensures stable, easy, and more dependable access to applications or services running on the specific instance.

Security Rules

In the architecture of a VPC, security rules are pivotal for maintaining data security. These rules offer stateless filtering controls that govern whether network traffic should be allowed or denied. These permissions or denials are based on criteria like the IP protocol, source IP, and designated port numbers.

Security rules help encrypt all traffic that enters or exits the VPC, strengthening protection against unapproved access and potential data breaches. They also ensure compliance with all necessary organizational policies, regulations, and requirements, increasing the reliability and trustworthiness of the virtual environment.

It's important to note that the network within a VPC is engineered in a way that allows all virtual machines to automatically communicate with each other. For connections between VMs outside the VPC or with the public internet, specific destination IPs and required ports must be manually defined within the VPC security list for the appropriate routing and connection.

Pricing for Nirvana Cloud's VPC

Utilizing a VPC incurs $0.035/per hour. For a comprehensive overview of pricing, refer to Nirvana Cloud VPC Pricing.

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