Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines (VMs) serve as the backbone of Nirvana Cloud, offering high-level performance and flexibility required to run a wide array of applications and workloads. Capitalising on our hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), Nirvana Cloud's VMs are designed to operate on bare metal servers, thereby providing an abstraction layer that separates the user's applications from the underlying hardware.


Creation and Management

Nirvana Cloud allows users to create and manage VMs effortlessly using its intuitive dashboard interface. These VMs impersonate hardware conditions and operate independently from the underlying physical machinery.

Resource Allocation

Nirvana Cloud guarantees unhindered access to crucial resources such as compute, memory, storage, and networking for the VMs. These allocations can be adjusted based on the unique requirements of different applications.

CPU & RAM Performance

Thanks to its ability to bypass unnecessary virtualization latencies and provide direct hardware access, Nirvana Cloud ensures top-notch performance from its VMs. This performance, marked by reduced latency and limited resource contention, is ideal for resource-intensive workloads such as data analytics, machine learning, and high-performance databases.

Instance Customization

VMs in Nirvana Cloud can be customized to the user's needs, with the ability to modify key attributes such as CPU cores, memory, storage volume, and network configurations. This level of customization provides users with the opportunity to fine-tune their VMs to suit specific operational needs.

VM Security & Isolation

Nirvana Cloud VMs operate in isolation from each other, providing robust security and privacy. Users gain full access to the VM's entire operating system and any user processes occur exclusively within the VM. Nirvana Cloud's tasks run beneath the VM layer, within the hypervisor. This setup, combined with robust network protocols, bolsters security and protects critical data and applications.

Nirvana Cloud's VMs are versatile and cater to a broad range of use cases across on-premises and cloud environments. Setting up a VM is a straightforward process—simply follow Nirvana Cloud's setup guide to get started.

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