What are the advantages of Nirvana Cloud?

A cloud environment designed around the unique demands of Web3.

Nirvana Cloud's architecture is designed to meet the needs of high-performance Web3 workloads and traditional Web2 environments. The hardware stack behind Nirvana Cloud is optimized for rapid data processing and maximum throughput, offering several considerable advantages over traditional cloud platforms:

Low Latency, High Throughput

Nirvana Cloud's architecture is designed to minimize overheads, ensuring rapid data processing for demanding applications. Our optimized hardware stack, specifically tailored for Web3 workloads, includes handpicked CPU options that excel at solving complex cryptographic equations quickly. This investment reflects our commitment to delivering an infrastructure optimized for rapid data processing and high transaction throughput.

Bandwidth Cost Optimization

A simplified software-defined networking stack allows Nirvana Cloud to streamline data routing, reducing redundant transfers and maximizing bandwidth utilization. Through key relationships and negotiations with carrier network providers, we offer a competitive unit cost, surpassing what traditional cloud providers typically offer, resulting in substantial cost savings for our users.

Minimal Virtualization

Leveraging the power of minimal virtualization, Nirvana Cloud prioritizes direct hardware access. By minimizing the layers of virtualization, we ensure that applications experience reduced storage latency and can harness near-native performance from the underlying hardware. This design allows us to support an infrastructure where data processing is swift, storage responsiveness is immediate, and overall system performance is maximized.

CPU & RAM Scalability

Nirvana Cloud's platform features a bare metal hypervisor design that prioritizes adaptability and scalability. Applications can adjust resources in real time, ensuring consistent performance. Users can create virtual machines with any combination of CPUs, RAM, and Storage, eliminating the issue of underutilized or overutilized resources commonly encountered with other cloud providers.

Resilience & Reliability

Nirvana Cloud prioritizes high application uptime and performance. Our infrastructure incorporates time-tested open-source technologies, ensuring stability and optimal performance. We automatically back up every virtual machine storage volume to secure buckets, ensuring data integrity. With a global presence in over 20 regions and multiple Points of Presence (PoPs) worldwide, users can leverage multi-regional VPC peering to construct resilient, high-availability workloads. Our partnerships with premier data center providers ensure consistent power, efficient cooling, and swift access to essential components, strengthening our commitment to uninterrupted service.

Web3-Focused Tooling

Nirvana Cloud provides developers with specialized toolsets to facilitate the transition and deployment of Web3 applications. Our core products, such as VPCs and VMs, are designed from the hardware to the networking layer with web3 workloads in mind. Our services extend to specialized storage solutions. Looking ahead, we plan to introduce sophisticated cryptographic services, critical for the burgeoning DeFi sector.

Security & Privacy

Nirvana Cloud places a paramount focus on security and privacy. Our infrastructure is safeguarded with comprehensive encryption, a zero-trust model, continuous security assessments, and isolation techniques for user workloads. Committed to global compliance standards, we employ advanced DDoS mitigation, private networking options, and are pursuing industry-respected certifications like SOC2, SOC3, and ISO27001.

Furthermore, Nirvana Cloud blends software and hardware security measures designed specifically for web3 developers to ensure a robust cryptographic environment.

Governance & Sovereignty

Nirvana Cloud is committed to achieving community-driven governance. The plan to establish an open, transparent governance model incorporating user and contributor feedback into our decision-making processes. Through proportional voting mechanisms, regular consultations, and third-party audits, we are dedicated to ensuring transparency and accountability, keeping stakeholders informed and involved in our continuous development journey.