Real-time monitoring of vital performance metrics such as CPU usage, RAM allocation, and bandwidth consumption.

Performance and Utilization Metrics

When viewing the details of your virtual machine, you can access comprehensive performance and utilization metrics. This includes CPU utilization, RAM utilization, storage utilization, bandwidth ingress, and egress. Monitoring these metrics provides valuable insights into resource utilization and aids in optimizing the performance of your applications.

Nirvana Cloud provides visibility into the associated resources of your virtual machine. You can identify the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and storage volumes linked to your VM. You can obtain in-depth information about these resources by accessing the VPC or storage volume details, facilitating efficient navigation and management within the Nirvana Cloud platform.

Note: For more detailed technical documentation and instructions, refer to the official Nirvana Cloud documentation, which provides step-by-step guidance on deploying and managing virtual machines.


BTOP is a feature-rich and high-performance system monitoring tool that offers users a real-time glimpse into various system metrics, including CPU, memory, and network statistics. With its intuitive and visually appealing interface, users can effortlessly navigate and drill down into detailed statistics, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their system's performance.

BTOP comes pre-installed on Nirvana Cloud VMs, allowing users to start monitoring without any additional setup. For those looking to dive deeper into its capabilities or seeking updates, the official repository is readily available at BTOP on GitHub.