Getting Started with Nirvana Cloud

How to Create an Account on Nirvana Labs.

Start deploying to Nirvana Cloud

In order to start deploying to Nirvana Cloud, you need to create an account.

First, navigate to and choose "Sign Up"

You will be prompted to specify a username, email address and password to continue:

In order to personalize your account, you will need to provide a first and last name.

Once your account is created, you can start deploying on Nirvana Cloud!


The "Cloud Dashboard" is the point-of-access for all Nirvana Cloud resources. It is where you can create, manage and modify VPCs and VMs.


You need to create a virtual private cloud (VPC) before you can create a virtual machine (VM). When creating a VPC, you must specify additional resources, such as subnets, route tables, and security rules.

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