Storage Volumes

Distributed storage for optimal performance and heightened security in Web3.

Boot Volumes

Nirvana storage volumes are engineered to deliver significantly higher performance than similar elastic block storage solutions. The boot volume forms the foundation of the operating system in your Virtual Machine. It is a dedicated storage unit where the bootable operating system, system files, and data needed during the system start-up process are stored. Just like a physical computer's hard drive stores the essential files, the boot volume serves the same purpose in a VM.

Nirvana Cloud's boot volumes are designed to handle high-intensity input/output operations and deliver superior performance. It ensures that even demanding applications boot up effortlessly and function smoothly.

Data Volumes

Beyond the boot volume, a VM's storage capacity can be expanded by utilizing multiple data volumes.

One of the primary benefits of adding multiple storage volumes is the flexibility that it offers. Depending on the VM's operational needs, multiple data volumes can be added to or removed from a VM in order to increase or decrease the amount of storage.

Understanding NVME

NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) is a groundbreaking communications interface and driver that leverages the high bandwidth of PCIe. Crafted to elevate performance, efficiency, and interoperability, NVMe is set to become the industry's new standard for SSDs.

As the demands of applications like Web3 and blockchain surge, NVMe's capabilities ensure that Nirvana Cloud remains at the forefront of storage solutions.

Superior PerformanceNVMe-based block storage can reach a theoretical maximum speed of 1,000,000 IOPS
Cost-EfficiencyNirvana's NVMe-based block storage balances speed and cost, providing a significant performance boost and up to 100x lower costs
Flexibility and CompatibilityNVMe drives are compatible with all major operating systems, and their direct communication with the system CPU ensures rapid speeds.

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