Getting Started with Nirvana Nodes

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Welcome to Nirvana Labs docs!

Nirvana Labs empowers Web3 developers and companies with the most performant blockchain infrastructure. We make blockchain technology more accessible and cost-effective for scalable and reliable dApp development. Nirvana Labs is the first Web3 infrastructure provider built on top of a proprietary cloud-based technology platform for affordable, reliable and seamless access between dApps and nodes.

The Nirvana Nodes docs explain how to use Nirvana Labs’ services and products for on-demand, secure and reliable read & write capabilities to various blockchain networks. The docs will cover basic RPC terms and use cases, making API requests the networks supported, the various plans that Nirvana Labs offers, the user dashboard and account management.

Explore our technical documentation to learn more about Nirvana Labs’ platform and services.

Nirvana Cloud

Nirvana Cloud is the backbone of Nirvana Labs’ managed RPC service. As a proprietary cloud platform, it operates on high-end hardware combined with optimized software, tailored to meet the demands of modern applications. This custom cloud environment allows Nirvana Labs to significantly enhance operational and technical performance efficiencies, free from the usual technical constraints.

Nirvana Cloud offers decentralized and secure cloud computing services, enabling application providers, businesses, and vendors to host Web2 and Web3 applications swiftly and securely. This setup is ideal for rapid data processing and achieving maximum throughput, crucial for today's data-intensive applications.

Nirvana Cloud's bare metal hypervisor design for adaptability, allowing applications to dynamically adjust CPU, RAM, and storage resources in response to real-time demands. This flexibility ensures consistent performance and eliminates the common issue of overutilized or underutilized resources, a challenge often faced by other cloud providers.

Nirvana Nodes

Nirvana Nodes is Nirvana's managed RPC service that runs on Nirvana Cloud's infrastructure network dispersed across five continents. This service is architected and managed to ensure the highest availability, uptime, and fastest transactions across multiple blockchain protocols and networks:

Benefits of Nirvana Infrastructure

  • Low Latency

Nirvana Labs RPC nodes provide the lowest latency response times due to our strategic orchestration of nodes and Nirvana's custom-built CDN.

  • High-Reliability

With our advanced networking, smart load balancing and automation in place, we ensure that customers experience at least a 99.99% uptime.

  • Global Availability

Nirvana Labs runs infrastructure in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania (Africa coming soon) to ensure global coverage.

Our Flex nodes are smart geo-load balanced across all the continents ensuring that no matter where you or your customer make a request, it will automatically be routed to the nearest data center location. You can deploy a dedicated node in any specific data center location.

  • Customizable Solutions

Nirvana Labs offers the customization of all node configurations for dedicated node solutions. Customize factors such as gas limits, load balancing strategies, flag enablement and much more.

  • Privacy and Security-focused

Nirvana Labs focuses on security and employs the most premium cybersecurity software and firms. We offer features that safeguard user interactions with smart contracts such as asymmetric encryption and API Keys to authenticate users accessing our RPCs, reducing the window of opportunity for attackers to exploit vulnerabilities.