Account Management

A step-by-step overview of the Nirvana Labs platform components.


To open the Dashboard panel, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Nirvana Labs with your username and password.
  2. Click on Dashboard in the top right corner of the homepage to open the corresponding panel.


You can now see the API Request and Nodes statistics in your Dashboard.

In the Dashboard, you can monitor and carry out the following functions:

Create a Node

  • Deploys a new node to the blockchain network of your choosing.


  • Provides a high-level summary of your RPC node analytics, offering a quick snapshot of crucial statistics and node management capabilities.

API Request Statistics:

TotalThe number of API requests made through an RPC node.
Success RateThe rate of successful API requests, indicating the reliability of an RPC node.
SuccessfulThe count of API requests that were successfully executed.
FailedThe count of API requests encountering errors or issues.
UnauthorizedThe number of API requests denied due to lack of authorization.
Rate LimitedThe number of API requests subjected to rate limiting


  • Create, manage, and delete RPC nodes. After running a node, it displays detailed information about each node in a tabular format:
NameThe user-assigned name for the RPC node.
BlockchainThe blockchain network associated with the node.
NetworkSpecifies the network configuration of the node.
TypeIndicates the node type, such as "Flex" or "Dedicated"
StatusDisplays whether the node is running or not.
Created OnThe date when the node was initially set up.


Request Ratemeasures the number of incoming requests to the RPC node. The sampling interval for this metric is set to 1 second.
Latency and Bandwidthprovides insights into the latency and bandwidth performance of your RPC nodes, helping you assess the efficiency of your infrastructure.
RPC Log Datagives detailed logs and data related to RPC requests made through your nodes, facilitating troubleshooting and analysis of API interactions.