Team vs Individual Accounts

Flexible accounts for all your needs.

Nirvana Labs' managed RPC services support Team and Individual accounts to cater to the diverse needs of users and companies.

Individual Account

Sign-Up RequirementUsers must initially create an individual account to access our services.
API KeysUsers are assigned a unique API key to interact with Nirvana Labs' RPC nodes and services. That API Key is a token required for interacting with the service and making API requests.

Team Account

SetupOnce you have an individual account, you can create a Team or be invited to join an existing Team.
API Key SharingTeams operate with a shared API key, which is utilized collectively by all team members for interaction with our RPC nodes and services.

Roles within Team Accounts

DeveloperUsers with a "Developer" role have general access to the team's resources, such as RPC nodes and related analytics. Developers can manage API keys.
AdministratorAdministrators have enhanced privileges in addition to the developer priveleges, enabling them to invite or remove users from the team and manage billing information associated with the team's account.

This setup ensures a flexible and collaborative user environment, allowing efficient RPC node access management while maintaining the necessary control and security measures via designated roles within Team accounts.