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Let's discover how to use ChainQuery API.


ChainQuery API is currently in beta. Report any bugs to

What is ChainQuery?

ChainQuery was built for web3 devs that need accurate and timely blockchain on-chain data and off-chain metadata. ChainQuery lets devs do things like:

  • Lookup an NFT collection by name, address and attributes.
  • Instantly get the metadata of an NFT.
  • Get the balance of an ERC20 token.
  • See all historical transactions of a specified wallet/address/user/contract
  • Watch ERC20 and ERC721 transactions real time
  • Get rarity data about NFT tokens and transactions

Beta Participation

We are looking for as much feedback as possible on our new API. Please give us your feedback or feature requests in Discord or via The most active and engaged beta users will be receiving free access to the premium API once it comes out!

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Endpoints relating to NFT and Token contract data

Contracts API


Endpoints relating to NFT and Token transaction data

Transactions API


Endpoints relating to Tokens, NFTs and NFT metadata Tokens API