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Avalanche on Nirvana Labs

Avalanche RPC Overview

A Nirvana Avalanche Node comes with its own dedicated gateway. All the traffic through this gateway is exclusively for your application. With our globally available network of nodes we have you covered no matter where your users are located. Nirvana Nodes are all configured as archive nodes and allow users to perform tracing on past and pending transactions. Other providers may claim they have a global network of nodes but no provider has the level of coverage offered by Nirvana. Our Avalanche nodes alone cover 33 different cities in every continent of the world (besides Antarctica). Wherever you are in the world you're just a few milliseconds away from a Nirvana data center.

Example Avalanche Node: files to<CUSTOM_NODE_ID>?apikey=<GENERATED_API_STRING>

We will use the Public Avalanche RPC URL for the remainder of the documentation:

If you purchase a node from Nirvana you will need to use your Node URL instead of the public URL.